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Viajes solidarios por el mundo: África, Asia y Latinoamérica. Haz voluntariado internacional y viaja de forma sostenible apoyando proyectos y ONGs con turismo responsable. Bolleras viajeras - viajes para mujeres lesbianas, bisexuales, transexuales, LGTBIQA+ y mujeres lesbian friendly.

Solidarity trips

Without a doubt, trips that change your life and the lives of others. Travel in a supportive, responsible and sustainable way. We connect you with projects from all over the world!

Viajes solidarios

Travel IN A GROUP of solidarity and responsible tourism
To Africa!

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These are our recommended solidarity projects for volunteering around the world

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Kenia (África): Viajes solidarios por el mundo. Haz voluntariado internacional y viaja de forma sostenible con turismo responsable. Viajes para mujeres lesbianas, bisexuales, transexuales, LGTBIQA+ y mujeres lesbian friendly.


Collaborate with a project on the coast with boys and girls rescued from the streets, support a shelter for girls or live with babies in an orphanage - school in Nairobi.



Be part of a community in the jungle, support an educational center for minors at risk of social exclusion or support with school reinforcement and sports activities in Cusco.


Cape Verde

Extracurricular support for boys and girls, empowerment of women through the recycling of fishermen's nets, rescue and fostering of dogs and cats or support for young people at risk of exclusion.



Live with demure elephants.

Work with their caregivers, learn about their exploitation in Southeast Asia, and help improve their home and care for them.



In Cambodia, young people who do not speak English cannot access higher education. Support children and young people who come from families without resources with free English classes. 



Collaborate on educational projects with exiled refugees in Tibet and empowerment of the Tibetan community combined with moments of yoga and meditation.



Protection of protected areas, research and conservation of sea turtles and awareness raising and  environmental education in the fight against forest fires.



Live with a Nepalese family on an organic farm or support the education of teenagers who come from one of the most remote regions of Nepal.



Help improve the lives of wild animals rescued in a jungle environment or collaborate with two centers that help people with disabilities improve their autonomy.

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